A home on the beach...
Its inhabitant : a 10-year-old dreamer in love with the sea. The sound of waves constantly echoing in his sensitive consciousness, silently teaching him a language of the water world, luring him to speak it more clearly every day.

The result : the 10-year-old becomes a prominent contemporary painter. He composes a childhood melody made of shades of paint, a music made of colour.

Chucrallah Fattouh was born in the coastal town of Monsef (Byblos), and he first experimented art through the shape and color of the wonders the sea washed ashore.

He completed his first paintings at the age of 12 and at 13, he sold his first works (four portraits of his mother purchased by a French passerby).
Fattouh then joined the National Institute of the Lebanese University's Faculty of Fine Arts and received his degree in Fine Arts with honors in 1983.

Ever since, Fattouh has been a prolific artist. From 1985 to date, he has held over 150 collective and personal exhibitions in Lebanon's noted art galleries and festivals. Abroad, Fattouh exposed in UNESCO in Paris, Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Montreal, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cannes, Virginia, Tunisia and Brazil. During his most recent exhibit in London, he was honored by Queen Elizabeth with a medal.

Fattouh's works are on permanent exhibit at his atelier in Monsef and regularly presented in the Autumn Exhibition that takes place at Sursok's Museum in Beirut, of which he is a member. He is also a member of the Syndicate of Lebanese Painters and Sculptors.
His paintings are on exhibit both locally (embassies and museums, Citibank and Bank of Beirut) and abroad (one of his paintings has become part of the valuable David Rockefeller art collection).

After seeing the 2006 GCC Polo Cup magazine and learning about the BMG Foundation, Fattouh was inspired to create a serie of paintings under the theme of polo as a bridge between East and West.

His art was then displayed at the Guards Polo Club before being auctioned during the GCC Polo Cup. Funds raised from the sale of the paintings went into BMG Foundation's charitable recipients for 2007.




2013: Deco Fair, Jeddah, KSA
2014: Torre Branca, Milan, Italy
2014: Sofana Dahlan Art Gallery, Jeddah, KSA
2014: Office du Tourisme du Liban, Paris, France
2014: Dar Al Funoon Gallery, Kuwait
2014: Bait Muzna Gallery, Oman
2015: Labo Expo, Milano, Italy
2015: Sloane Club, London, UK
2015: Coastline Art Gallery, California, USA
2015: Bonhams Auction, London, UK
2016: Bruge, Belgium
2016: Bonhams Auction, London, UK

In the recent month of July 2014, Fattouh exposes in Torre Branca, Milan where he presents, with this exceptional solo, his last creations created ad hoc for the exhibition: “The Bourgeoisie Collection”.
The exhibition has been strongly supported and is curated with honor by Carlo Greco and Alessandra Magni, curators of the gallery Ex-alt new Art, created with the express purpose of being a point of reference in Italy for artists from all over the world, united by the word "Art".
Of course the talent of the famous Lebanese painter and sculptor, precious as an ancient artifact but yet modern, suspended between East and West, could not be missing in this great and rinomate contest.


2014: American Univeristy of Beirut, Art Gallery
2014: Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery, Beirut
2014: Flouk Art Gallery, Tyre

His work is inspiring. He broke away from tradition and focused on creating work that challenged the mind, challenged your vision.
It is because of his amazing use of colors that elude us, fascinate and mesmerize us.
With his work, every viewer could see something different and could view what they perceived to be reality in his artworks.